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  • Rose Quartz Orgone Disks
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  • Amethyst Orgone Disks
  • Six Sided Orgone Pendulum
  • Selenite Orgone Pyramid
  • Chakra Orgone Pyramid
  • Citrine Orgone Pyramid
  • Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid with Flower of Life design
  • Lapis Lazuli Orgone Pyramid
  • Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid
  • Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid
  • Green Aventurine Orgone Pyramid
  • Amethyst Orgone Pyramid
  • Orgone Chakra Set
  • Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Tin Pocket Size
  • The Druid Animal Oracle
  • Daily Guidance from Your Angels : 365 Angelic Messages To Soothe, Heal, And Open Your Heart
  • Nutrition for Intuition
  • Crystal Therapy : How to Heal and Empower Your Life with Crystal Energy
  • Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards
  • Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards
  • Chakra Clearing : Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal
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  • Angel Numbers 101
  • Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards
  • 海藍寶靈擺鍊
  • 紅瑪瑙靈擺鍊
  • 綠東陵靈擺鍊
  • 綠瑪瑙靈擺鍊
  • 白水晶靈擺鍊
  • 黑瑪瑙靈擺鍊
  • 茶晶靈擺鍊
  • 金虎眼靈擺鍊
  • 黑曜石靈擺鍊
  • 石榴石靈擺鍊
  • 紅髮晶靈擺鍊
  • 青金石靈擺鍊
  • 粉紅水晶靈擺鍊
  • 六芒星綠東陵石靈擺鍊
  • 六芒星紅瑪瑙靈擺鍊
  • 六芒星黑瑪瑙靈擺鍊
  • 六芒星拉長石靈擺鍊
  • 六芒星白瑪瑙靈擺鍊
  • White Sage Dragons Blood Sage smudge stick 3-pack
  • Practical Prosperity Magick: Crafting Success & Abundance
  • Wiccapedia: A Modern-Day White Witchs Guide
  • The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck : A 50-Card Deck and Guidebook
  • The Linestrider Tarot (Pre-Order, May 2016)
  • Viking Warrior God: Odin
  • Seal of Rassilon
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  • Talisman for Riches and Honors
  • Rabbit Foot Key Chain
  • White Sage Smudge Stick
  • Gris-Gris Mojo Bag: Money Drawing
  • Gris-Gris Mojo Bag: Love Drawing
  • White Sage smudge stick 3-Pack
  • Talisman of the Jupiter Pendant
  • Gris-Gris Mojo Bag: Come To Me
  • Talisman of the Mercury Pendant
  • Runic Love Amulet - Large
  • White Sage smudge stick 6-Pack
  • Talisman of the Sun Pendant
  • Talisman for Luck
  • Gris-Gris Mojo Bag: Fast Luck
  • Gris-Gris Mojo Bag: Third Eye
  • Jar 7 day: Come To Me
  • Worry Dolls
  • The Ultimate Love Talisman
  • Small California White Sage Stick
  • Radiant Rider Waite Tarot Deck
  • Talisman Of the Venus Pendant
  • Jar 7 day: Fire Of Love Binding
  • Bronze Talisman For Success in Business Pentacle Pendant
  • Jar 7 day: Love
  • White Sage Dragons Blood Sage smudge stick 3-pack
  • Jar 7 day: Money Drawing
  • Candle Spell Kit
  • Pentagramaton Talisman
  • Pheromone Oil Perfume Mad Passion
  • Swallow Heart in Envelope
  • Damiana Leaf Cut
  • Divining Rods
  • Bronze First Pentacle of the Moon Talisman
  • Parchment Paper - Pale Cream
  • Pheromone Oil Perfume Estrus
  • Pheromone Oil Perfume Witchcraft Love
  • Jar 7 day: Success
  • Money Drawing Spell, pewter
  • Gold Bordered Pentagram Altar Cloth (36x36)
  • Pentagram Hand Bell
  • 6 Pack Palo Santo Smudge Sticks
  • Natures Whispers by Angela Hartfield
  • Celtic Circle Pentagram Box
  • Whispers of Love by Angela Hartfield
  • Black Cat Bone
  • Charms, Spells & Formulas by Malbrough, Ray
  • Runic Pentagram for Achievement of Desires
  • Bronze First Pentacle of Venus Talisman
  • Swallow Eye in Envelope
  • Talisman of the Saturn Pendant
New Comment 查看全部 如何發表貨品意見
貨品:Swallow Eye in Envelope
Posted By: w02868 發表於2015-09-11 19:20
Been using this for a few years. The effects are even more potent when you wish upon it through your heart and transfer all the positive energy into it. Works very effectively.
貨品:Gris-Gris Mojo Bag: Money Drawing
Posted By: w04125 發表於2015-08-31 12:40
幾個月前買左個money mojo bag,,效果好好,細細地,方便攜帶
貨品:Ritual Candles
Posted By: 600834 發表於2015-07-14 15:14
份工好好, 但係講明無得續約, 加上公司本身就要cut 人, 繼續留低既機會係0%

用blue ritual candles 配合魔法油入願,
大約兩星期有效果, 可以留低既機會由0% 去到正數,
再過兩星期, 個機會又大左,
由開始進行魔法到"收成"大約用左兩個月, 而家係100% 確定真係"有得留低"!!
雖然仍然係一年合約, 不過都係個理想既結果。
貨品:Swallow Eye in Envelope
Posted By: w03553 發表於2015-04-02 15:56
原本我的best friend 已經跟我絕交大半年以上,而且她絕對不是大方的人,在同一群組我一開口她便默不作聲,但用燕子眼及Angle油,開始她對我態度有所改善,再多兩星期後,我主動跟她聯絡,她也肯把事情談開,最後也跟她和好如初
貨品:Singing Bowl - Black Tibetan Brass with Striker
Posted By: Kristywantingho 發表於2015-02-28 12:12
I bought singing bowl from German, good quality and beautiful :)



Amulet: Mojo Coin


$200 HKD

Lucky 9 Mixture

Nine drops of 7 Sisters Lucky 9 Mixture Oil in the bath should bring success if you are looking for a job.

$80 HKD

Odin Ravens

The Norse God Odin was the main Viking god. He goes by some 36 different names. One name is Hrafnáss; Raven-God. Norse Myth tells us that Odin has a pair of Ravens perched on his shoulders. They are known as Huginn, Thought and Muninn Memory. They are much more than Odin's pets; they are his Spies and Messengers. Odin sits on Hlidskjalf, his high seat above the clouds, and sends them out every day as Spies and Messengers to fly throughout the Nine Worlds and, upon their return, relate to Odin every secret that they have found. Ravens are also Spirit Guides: Ravens wisdom includes introspection, courage, self-knowledge, Magic, healing, creation, rebirth, keeper of secrets, master magician, shape shifter, and Mysticism. The Magical Runes surrounding Odin's Ravens are the "Elder Futhark." Each letter is said to have Magical Powers. Possess this Amulet and Feel the Power Of The Raven.

$350 HKD

Odin 8 legged horse: Sleipnir

The Viking God Odin has several Shamanic Spirit Guides which include the Valkyries, Odin's Ravens and Odin's Wolves all of which can probably be classified as Fylgjur- supernatural beings which accompany one to their Fate or Fortune. One of the most Magical is the 8-legged horse, Sleipnir, the swiftest Horse in the world. Sleipnir [meaning smooth or gliding] is no ordinary horse: Having 8 legs his speed is greater than any other horse, yet his ride is exceptionally smooth. It is believed that Sleipnir could be ridden over the Sea and through the Air. Odin rides Sleipnir on his frequent journeys throughout the Nine Worlds, which are held in the branches and roots of the Viking World-Tree Yggdrasil. Amusingly, Sleipnir was the offspring of the Trickster God Loki who had once assumed the shape of a mare to help the other Viking Gods trick the Frost Giant Hrimthurs into building an immense wall around Asgard. The All-Father God Odin is associated with Healing, Knowledge, Battle, Sorcery, Death, the Gallows, Royalty, Poetry, Frenzy, and the Magical Runic Alphabet, and is the husband of the Beautiful Goddess Frigg: Norse Goddess of Love and Fertility. Friday is named for her. Possess this Magical Amulet and feel the Magical Power of your Horse Spirit Guide.

$350 HKD
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