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New Comment 查看所有客戶意見 如何發表對貨品的意見
貨品:Avalon Magick - Witch Bottle Small
Posted By: 600259 發表於2022-08-11 14:05
2022年3月,我買左Job Hunting & interview, 依樽野真係好work.

由於唔知點叫做正確許願,所以我就許願時就set 左我一堆條件出嚟。當時我要求:「薪金要$xxxxx,大假有xx日,有醫療保險同牙齒津貼,返5日工,時間幾多至幾多,公司係做設計,有好大既落地玻璃窗,識到好多朋友,果到唔玩小圈子。」

許願去左14日,已經有7份工見,到最後,我真係入左一間做設計既媒體公司到做,原本公司無牙醫津貼,不過剛好我入職時亞頭向上面要求,所以真係有左牙醫津貼,我面對一塊落地玻璃坐 ,人工都係達到我要求。只可惜,我識唔到朋友..同埋返工時間未達我要求。 可能許願時,我許得唔夠清晰掛,不過個許願瓶都中左80%,所以我真心覺得好勁同好值得買!

貨品:Practical Solitary Magic
Posted By: Melpomene 發表於2022-04-18 03:09
Overall a good starter book for ceremonial magick lite, so to speak.

Like many books of its era, it suffers from fear mongering passages and lots of opinions stated as facts ex Law of Rebound as objective fact, projection of contemporary human morality on deities, very specific ideas on spirit elementals, bashing the left hand path etc

Other problems include ill-advised practices, such as suggesting one bathe with malachite, malachite being a toxic mineral that dissolves in water, as well as dripping perfume into a stream as offerings to Ondines, which seems more like a great way to piss off water spirits for polluting their streams with synthetic chemicals.

It is a very very very Eurocentric and dated understanding of the world and magic ex Asia referred to as the Orient , but if you can look past all that I have read above, it serves as a decent start on a variety of subjects.

I personally enjoyed the dissection of the various planes and their functions towards magical working, and most of the anecdotes the author shares about her experiences. It is nice seeing a book getting down to the nitty gritty of the actual doing process of magick and the struggles one might find on their journey, as opposed to just copy pasting a bunch of spells, giving you brief reasons for their addition and then moving on.
貨品:The Complete Book of Amulets and Talismans
Posted By: Melpomene 發表於2022-03-26 17:36
As is with most books claiming to be complete, this book served as a great general overview but was brief at best in section outside of western occultism. It goes into a range of a various talisman and amulet types ex. Egyptian, Key of Solomon, The Black Pullet, herb amulets etc... and provides some useful visuals. However, the sections that refer to culture and historical events are dubious as to their veracity, and the author neglected to give direct references for some of those instances, which made me question the overall legitimacy of this book. It also didn't help my confidence when a finalized book has a frankly hilarious typo such as quote waxing period of the mood unquote p.71 immortalized in it. I am willing to forgive it because it gave me a good laugh

Fortunately, it seems that the western occultism sections have been researched and better understood by the author, which gives me confidence in its accuracy. Overall, a decent book to refer to for beginners as a starting place and a quick guide for intermediate practitioners on western occultism.

My only complaint with the item itself is that the ink is not at all water resistant and bleeds very easily with only a minimal amount of water, hence the 4 stars. Must handle it carefully and never spill any liquids because it would ruin the pretty illustrations.
貨品:Hand Rolled Stick Incense
Posted By: Hoodoo Goddess 發表於2022-03-06 15:50
以前燒聖木好難燒得好, 會成日熄
用左呢種香之後, 好易燒而且味道濃郁
而家打坐用佢計埋時, 十分方便
貨品:6 Pack Palo Santo Smudge Sticks
Posted By: myob 發表於2022-02-14 03:04
我燒過各種唔同地方買到既聖木, 而這次買到的是最濃味同最有能量, 十分推薦



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The Brave Tabby - limited edition Baroque Bohemian Cats bag

Voodoo Hoodoo Mojo Curio Bag - Health and Wealth
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