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Gilded Foil

Oracle of the Wylder Ones: Messages and Affirmations from the Wylderness

作者: Sharon McLeod
From a whimsical world charged with insight, symbolism, and premonition, the wylder ones are here with guidance and affirmations to bring joy and adventure to all you do. These unique messengers love your curiosity for the future and your desire for self-awareness. Filled with Sharon McLeod's enchanting imagery on each card face and gold foil embellishments on each back, this inspiring oracle deck invites you to glimpse the unknown, play with possibility, and craft a life of delight.

  • Size:45 cards, 3.5" x 5.5"
價格: $280 HKD
貨品編號: 10645
出版商/廠商: Blue Angel Publishing

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