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Goddess Power Oracle - Portable Edition

作者: Colette Baron-Reid
本產品需要付全數訂金訂貨,一般需時約 3-4 星期到貨。

A portable edition of Colette Baron-Reid's best-selling oracle deck, which draws upon the symbolic energy of goddesses from cultures around the world--energy that can be reflected in any individual.

Did you know the timeless energy of powerful goddesses rises up and can be expressed through every one of us when we need them? They are there to guide us and empower us, and if we look closely in our reflection, their bright light shines through our eyes, reminding us of the truth of our divinity and the power to choose the best version of ourselves in service and love.

Goddess Power Oracle reminds us of our beautiful relationship to the energy of these deities from around the world. The nontraditional, multi-ethnic art is intended to allow all of us to see ourselves in them, regardless of our origins. This standard edition of Goddess Power Oracle features 52 cards as well as a compact 3.5"x5" guidebook and storage box.

  • Size:52 cards, 14.3 x 19.84cm
價格: $280 HKD
VIP 會員價格: $252 HKD
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貨品編號: 10649
出版商/廠商: Hay House Inc.
產品出版地: 澳洲

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