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The Oracle of Portals

繪師: Laila Savolainen
作者: Tess Whitehurst
Between what is and what may be
are realms of possibility.
Open magical doors, step through,
and behold the dreams that call to you.

Come beyond the bounds of time and place to discover the profound and transformative power of the in-between. You are forever on the threshold of becoming, and every turn, choice, action, and word is a path maker. Now, you can consciously navigate the liminal to open the gateways to your brighter future.

Journey through and explore the portals of this beautifully illustrated 44-card set, and let your pathway unfold as a glorious expression of your magical self. Be bold, be true — your tomorrow awaits!

  • Size:44 cards, 12.5 x 17cm
價格: $300 HKD
貨品編號: 10659
出版商/廠商: Blue Angel Publishing

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