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Seal, Sigil & Call: A New Approach to Ritual Magic

作者: J. R. Mascaro

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Practice Your Own Ritual Magic and Achieve a Higher State of Being

Drawing from Eastern and Western traditions to form its unique path, Seal, Sigil & Call introduces you to a new school of ceremonial magic. This beginner-friendly book uses Tantric, Qabalistic, and tradition-free spiritual exercises to teach you concepts of energy and centered awareness. Once you've built a solid foundation, J. R. Mascaro shares the practices of paneidolism, his innovative system of ritual magic. This system shows you how to contact and work with various eidolons―spirit entities that aid your personal development. Seal, Sigil & Call helps you lift the veil of material awareness by providing powerful ontological tools that are not restricted by any single spiritual tradition. With Mascaro's guidance, you'll find greater peace through inner exploration and manifest your highest experience of being.

  • Size:192 pages
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貨品編號: 10677
出版商/廠商: Llewellyn Publications
產品出版地: 美國

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