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78 Tarot Series

78 Tarot 9th Limited Edition - Magical Deck Pocket Size

作者: Kayti Welsh
Their names are prominently displayed on each card below the title. 78 Tarot Magical follows the traditional Rider Waite Smith imagery with a modern twist. There are 22 major Arcana, 56 Minor Arcana, and 2 bonus wild cards.

The size of our cards are 2 by 3.5, which is larger than your typical tarot size so it can show off the beautiful art more vividly. The weight of the cards are 300 GSM (for easy shuffling) You can easily see the card name and artist name on every one.

Our card backs will have two different foils - bronze and gold. The decks are coated with a protective UV spray matte finish that makes the cards easy to shuffle but not have a glare when light hits it, which can be very distracting during a reading. This also prevents the problem of the gilding and foil chipping which can be common in decks not coated with UV spray.

78 Tarot Magical Deck is a Fantastical, a beautiful deck, plus The Fool’s Items Oracle, a gorgeous oracle deck, combined into one huge project involving a host of 136 global artists.

The collaboration is a love letter to the worlds that have inspired, and entertained us, as well as offering a place to escape into realms of imagination and fantasy. Our art directors selected the very best illustrators in this beautiful community to build worlds and explore different dimensions, bringing epic tales and adventures come to life in vivid, expansive scenes.

Our decks are limited edition, we are contractually obligated to our artists to print only one print run – and when they are gone, these decks increase in value quickly because our decks always sell out faster than expected.

We have worked in a secret group to produce a deck that is not only a stunning visual masterpiece, but a powerful divination tool.

For this project we gathered 136 international artists (virtually, in our secret Facebook group), and each of them has created a card that has special meaning to them. 78 Tarot Decks are a great way to discover new artists!

  • Size:80 cards, 2" x 3.5"
價格: $350 HKD
VIP 會員價格: $315 HKD
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貨品編號: 10710
出版商/廠商: 78 Tarot
產品出版地: 美國

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