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Egyptian Udjat Eye
本產品需要付全數訂金訂貨,一般需時約 4-8 星期到貨。

The “Eye of Ra” was a popular symbol for the peoples of ancient Egypt. Since the Egyptian gods were intertwined over a 3000 year reign, this symbol is also referred to as the “Eye of Horus”, or the “Eye of Thoth.” Horus being the Egyptian solar god and avenger of evil; Thoth the Egyptian God of the Moon, responsible for the development of the calendar, writing, poetry, magic and knowledge.

Legend says that when facing toward the right the eye represents the sun God, “Ra” and the left facing eye represents the Moon God, “Aah”.

Our “Udjat” is double-sided and can be worn as a left or right eye, allowing the wearer to invoke the blessings and protection of either the Sun-god or the Moon-god while still possessing the magic of both.

The “Udjat” or all-seeing eye exemplifies good health, soundness of mind, self-protection, physical comfort and well-being, and defense against all negativity.


護身符加強及淨化套裝 - I
護身符加強及淨化套裝 - II

  • Size:1" x 1.0625"
價格: $380 HKD
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